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Identity theft has affected 16.7 million Americans

Identity theft can often come with devastating consequences: a loss of savings, being held responsible for fraudulent medical claims, or even being wrongfully charged with a crime
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Consumer Attorneys offers a variety of legal protection plans. For the most complete protection available, we recommend our Ultra plan.
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Protection Plan
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What's Included:
  • $ 1Million Identity Theft Insurance
    • Identity Theft Protection Material explains many forms of identity theft in addition to providing prevention advice and resolution resources. The kit also contains a Federal Trade Commission sample affidavit form as well as sample letter templates for filing disputes in cases of identity theft or fraud.
    • (Identity Theft Insurance is provided under a master policy of insurance underwritten by Generali U.S. Branch that has been issued to Generali Global Assistance, Inc. This summary is intended for informational purposes only and does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy. Coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions. Members must refer to the actual policy for terms, conditions, and exclusions of coverage. Members must also review their summary description of benefits. Generali US Branch (New York, NY; NAIC # 11231) operates under the following names: Generali Assicurazioni Generali S.P.A. (U.S. Branch) in California, Assicurazioni Generali – U.S. Branch in Colorado, Generali U.S. Branch DBA The General Insurance Company of Trieste & Venice in Oregon, and The General Insurance Company of Trieste and Venice – U.S. Branch in Virginia. Generali US Branch is admitted or licensed to do business in all states and the District of Columbia. For a copy of your Summary of Benefits) read more
    • U.S.-Based Certified Resolution Specialists
    • Multi-lingual Support
    • Resolve Prior Incidents
    • (Insurance coverage is excluded for pre-existing conditions)
    • Inform Police/Legal Authorities
    • (We’ll assist in reporting any fraudulent activity to the local authorities and will also forward reports to creditors)
    • Credit Freeze
    • Lost Wallet Assistance
    • Medical Identity Theft Assistance
    • Emergency Cash Advance
    • (A valid credit card is needed to secure cash advances)
    • Emergency Travel Arrangements & Journey Continuation
    • ID Theft Affidavit Assistance & Submission
    • Monthly risk alert newsletter email
  • 3-Bureau Credit Score
  • 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring & Alerts
    • Credit monitoring services track credit reports from the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax – searching for changes that could indicate fraud
    • New Credit Inquiries
    • Address Change
    • New Credit Account Opened
    • Delinquent Accounts
    • Change of Account Information
    • Exceeded Credit Limit
    • New Employer
    • Bankruptcy Reports and Changes
    • Fraud Alert Activation
    • Account(s) in Collections
    • Card Reported Lost or Stolen
    • Creditor Settlement
    • New Public Record in Your Name
    • Name Change
    • Records Indicating That You Are Deceased
    • Opt-out Services
    • Opt-out services help protect privacy by reducing pre-approved credit card direct mail offers and marketing phone calls that can be used by thieves to steal personal information.
    • Self-Service Fraud Alert Activation
    • Online dashboard allows users to place a notice on their credit report to alert potential creditors to contact them prior to issuing credit.
  • Dark Web Surveillance & Alerts
    • Users are notified when pieces of their identity are found on the deep and dark web, while also providing them details and remediation steps so they can take immediate action to minimize damage.
  • Identity Monitoring
    • Our unique monitoring platform scours the deepest corners of the Internet, searching for compromised credentials and potentially damaging use of personal information in order to detect fraud at its inception and warn users so they can take immediate action. Additional details on Identity Monitoring can be found in the Alerts section.
    • 24/7 Identity and Cyber Expertise
    • U.S.-based certified identity theft Resolution Specialists and Cyber Risk Specialist who are FCRA-, CIPA-, and CTRMS-certified, as well as online resources, are available 24/7 to educate users on how identity theft occurs, as well as provide tips to help and prevent incidents of identity fraud and cyber-attacks.
    • Digital Privacy Protection
    • Online Data Protection software provides peace of mind when browsing the Internet. This protection includes three pieces of software: DataScrambler® (anti-keylogging), PhishBlock® (anti-phishing) and RansomStopTM (anti-ransomware).
    • ScamAssist® Research Service
    • If a user has received a message or offer that is either alarming or seems “too good to be true,” our ScamAssist® Specialists will review and research the solicitation, and will notify the user whether or not the offer is a potential scam.
  • High-Risk Transactions Protection
    • Monitors high-risk transactions with more than 300 of the nation’s largest companies to uncover and thwart account takeover attempts
  • Compromised Credentials Monitoring
    • Monitors your online credentials on sources such as hacker dump sites, the black market, hacktivist forums, file sharing portals, botnet exfiltration, data leaks, and malware logs. Monitors the underground economy to uncover exposed, sensitive information to determine if personal identifying information appears. Additionally, users are notified of upcoming expirations associated with information they enter for monitoring.
  • Data Recovery & Device Clean-up Assistance
  • Home Internet Security Restoration
  • Email Health Check
    • Provides detailed information regarding where and when the instance occurred, the specific information found, and provides users the specific steps needed to remedy the uncovered security issues.
Legal Protection Plan
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What's Included: Leader Protection Plan PLUS
  • Monthly Credit Report Analysis & Dispute Letters
    • Mixed files
    • Identity Theft
    • Deceased Reporting
    • Charge-offs
    • Late payments
    • Wrong balances
    • Inaccurate pay status information
    • Collections
    • Repossessions
    • Defaults
    • Outdated accounts
    • Double reported accounts
    • Bankruptcies and post-bankruptcy accounts
    • Judgments
    • Inquiries
    • Incorrect names and addresses
    • Student Loans
  • Employment & Housing Background Check Report Analysis
    • Criminal Records
    • Incorrect names and addresses
    • Another consumer's information
    • Expunged Records
    • Outdated records
    • Evictions
    • Judgments
    • All other Background Checks
  • Identity Theft
    • FTC affidavits
    • Fraud alerts
    • Block Letters to the Credit Bureaus
  • Debt Collection & Harassment Protection
    • Collection letter review for FDCPA violations
    • Debt validation letters & Cease and Desist letters
    • Harassment defense
  • One-hour Attorney Phone Consultation
  • Telemarketing/Spam Harassment Protection
  • Unfair and Deceptive Practices Act
  • Personal Injury
  • Class Actions
  • Automobiles
    • Fraudulent or deceptive financing
    • Improper Repossessions
    • Lemon law